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Kenyon College

Horvitz Hall Studio Arts Building

A new arts quad.

The new Studio Arts Building at Kenyon College brings the arts programs into the academic core and provides a flexible container for changes in pedagogy and enrollment. Located on a major approach to campus, the Studio Arts Building completes a new precinct for the arts that is organized by a new quadrangle to the west of Middle Path, the formal central spine of campus. The Arts Quad, formed by the Studio Arts Building, adjacent Gallery and nearby Music Building, makes it easier for students to take art classes and for professors to collaborate with their colleagues from other disciplines.

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Building organization separates the clean from the messy.

The building is organized by two intersecting bars, one containing three large studios per floor and the second containing smaller spaces along a double-loaded corridor, including faculty offices, advanced studios, classrooms and support spaces. This organization separates the clean and dirty functions of the program. Flat zinc panels express the destination spaces of the building and offer contrast with the brick masonry shell. Polished concrete flooring throughout accommodates the messy process of art-making and compliments the utilitarian building aesthetic.

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Designed with ultimate flexibility in mind.

The building is a flexible vessel for the arts, with studio spaces that can be configured to support a variety of environments for design, production and critique. The building’s technology, lighting, seating, audio, exhibition and installation spaces can be fine-tuned to enhance the creative process. Safety features are state-of-the-art and include specialized ventilation and filtering technology.

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Light filled studio spaces.

The facility includes major studio spaces for painting and drawing, sculpture, photography, metal and wood work, ceramics, print production and a large segment of digital production across all disciplines. The siting of the building and location of the major studio spaces takes advantage of northern light, which creates an ideal environment for painting and drawing.

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