Ashlee Robinson

Architectural Designer


Ashlee joined GUND Partnership in 2020 after earning her Master’s degree in Architecture from Cornell University and Bachelors of Architectural Design from University of Florida. She believes in the power of community based design and constantly questions conventional architecture. Her underlying design principles stem from the ideal that spaces should be at the service of people.

Today, she’s impacting learning communities through her work at GUND designing institutional buildings, ranging from early childhood to university campuses. She uses her skills in conceptual design to find the potential and positive impacts of space, establishing the larger gestures that will unify the building design. Working with her team, she translates those design ideas into technical realities.

Having always excelled at math and creative endeavors, architecture became the harmony of these two passions for Ashlee. She pursued work in Boston to be surrounded by its flourishing academic community and has found a fostering foundation for professional development at GUND.

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