Westminster School Celebrates Dedication of Three New Buildings

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On October 13th, The Westminster School celebrated the dedication of three new facilities - Armstrong Dining Hall, Kelter House, a residence hall, and Brockelman Student Center that will transform student life on campus. The new dining hall and latest new residence opened in September with the beginning of the school year, while the renovation of the student center will be completed in January 2018. Each building is part of an overarching plan to enhance the student experience to the Simsbury campus.

The dedication festivities took place in the new dining hall. Equipped with a state of the art kitchen and servery, terrace and patio space for afterhours gathering and socializing, and a seating area large enough to accommodate all students and faculty in a family style setting, Armstrong Dining Hall hosted the gala, guests enjoyed dinner and special music courtesy of Westminster students.

Michael Roper, spoke about Armstrong Hall’s impact on the Westminster campus. “The campus dining was relocated from Cushing Hall, which traditionally is the heart of campus. Armstrong Dining Hall is sited such that Cushing lies between it and Armour Hall, Westminster’s main Academic Center. In this way, in its new role as the student center Cushing has become the connector between these two poles and continues to be cast as an important center of campus activity.”

Perhaps the key design feature of Armstrong Hall is simply its ability to allow all of Westminster’s students to gather and share family style meals in one place. “The Westminster community has always been very strong,” Roper continued. “But the new dining hall has given more room for the students and faculty to come together.” The entire class can comfortably assemble, which opens up a multitude of new opportunities for the school and the Westminster community.

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