Brockelman Student Center Opens at Cushing Hall, Westminster School

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The relocation of the dining hall created an opportunity to repurpose a portion of Cushing Hall. The first building at Westminster, Cushing Hall is the figurative and emotional center of campus and serves as the perfect location for students to meet. Part of a larger renovation project, the new 1,674 sf student center is a central gathering spot for students and faculty. It features a variety of comfortable and durable seating, game tables, two flat screen televisions and a 365 sf grill, offering food and drinks for purchase when the dining hall is closed.

Wood paneling recalls that found in nearby Fearn Hall and brings formality to the space, consistent with the School’s architecture. An original fireplace mantel is restored and the fireplace converted to gas. Game tables, modern light fixtures and a soft color palette bring a fresh, youthful feel, an aspect that was important to students involved in the design process.

The renovation also includes new restrooms; offices for the Advancement Office, deans and directors of student life and athletics; conference room and food storage. Space was reconfigured to open sight lines from the entry corridor directly to the headmaster’s study in order to encourage interaction and support the school’s family ethos.

Cushing Hall uses energy produced by geothermal wells that also supply the nearby Armour Academic Center. Read more about the renovation in the Westminster Bulletin, pages 16 – 23.

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