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National Association of Realtors


A sweeping gesture toward the Capital.

Exterior materials were chosen to be a light and reflective counterpoint to the heavy masonry neighbors. With the building filling almost the entire site, it was important to reclaim the immediacy of the street as an integrated part of the building solution. Welcoming plazas, restoration of the National Park Service green space, and a careful reknitting of the street fabric into the north-south sequence of the city flow is central to the holistic design.

NAR 207

A focus on sustainable building.

Current and future tenants in this LEED Silver building are strongly linked to the larger environmental impact of building, community, and energy consumption. The primary owner/occupant is housed on four floors, with the remaining floors available for tenant leasing. The design team worked with the owner to develop mandatory fit-out guidelines for tenants. The result is a commercial urban office space that is both economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

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