Kenyon College

Rosse Hall and Storer Hall

Honoring a classic.

Rosse Hall is a beautiful Greek Revival building with a 600-seat concert and lecture hall. It was renovated to include front-of-house support spaces and to connect to a new addition. In designing the Storer Hall addition to it, GUND wanted to replicate the scale of the original building in the choice of materials and form. Simplicity of materials and gestures in the new addition support the idea of a background building in the new campus organization. A single monumental column, a nod to the Neoclassical columns of Rosse Hall, marks the new entrance to the music department from the campus green.

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A grand piano at the center of the programming.

The new addition includes a recording studio, green room, electronic music laboratories, band room, 136-seat recital hall, and a collection of teaching, rehearsal and office space. Each teacher’s office can accommodate a grand piano and doubles as a private teaching area for lessons and small group sessions. This concept carries throughout the interior, as a grand piano can be on any floor, in any of the interior rooms. The elevator is large enough to accommodate the movement of all types of instruments.


Small details create a special moment.

The 136-seat recital hall is finished with maple paneling and filled with daylight streaming in from double-height windows. An ebony line frieze at the window height recalls musical notation.


Circulation and event space.

Primary circulation is organized by a three-story lobby, which can be used in a variety of ways including receptions, performances and gathering space. The main stair, generously scaled and filled with light, connects activities on all three levels. The renovation and new construction form a cohesive whole and create a new heart for the music program.

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