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College of the Holy Cross

Carol and Park B. Smith Hall

An intellectually stimulating environment for students of all faiths.

The design of this academic building encourages a contemplative spirit, on par with the programs and activities that take place within its walls. The physical space is flexible. There are spots for quiet meditation as well as for intellectual stimulation through discussion. The center integrates departments and groups that were previously dispersed throughout campus. It facilitates collaboration among them and provides a central meeting place on campus for a wide variety of seminars, workshops and discussions for students and community members of all faiths. Smith Hall is a premier example of merging a liberal arts education with spirituality.


Connecting a campus.

This steeply sloping New England college campus is distinguished by a series of ornamental towers and rooflines. Smith Hall knits together two elevations of the steep campus creating connections between the upper and lower halves with multiple building entrances. The building acts as a crossroads between precincts on campus: academic and residential, social and formal, upper and lower, traditional and modern. The location at the center of the college's 174-acre setting is a critical part of the intended goal of providing a central space for social dialogue and community connectedness.

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