Cambridge, MA

Bulfinch Square

Creating new open space.

Three additions were demolished, including one obscuring the facade of an 1814 building credited to renowned Boston architect, Charles Bulfinch. The building footprints are reclaimed as open space and form a new courtyard that is the organizing element of Bulfinch Square. This space with the restored Bulfinch building as its focal piece, is a favorite gathering place for workers and visitors.


A courtroom becomes a theatre.

Several small public and private offices now occupy Bulfinch Square, including the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center. Located in the former Hall of Records, a former courtroom was meticulously restored and repurposed as their theatre. Other areas serve as art galleries and related support spaces.

2008 Studio Renovation

Achieving LEED Gold Certification.

GUND’s offices are located in the original 1814 Bulfinch building. During the firm's most recent renovation, the structure and 62% of all non-structural elements were retained, 99.95% of construction waste was recycled, reused or salvaged, finishes include rapidly renewable materials, low-voc materials and reclaimed fixtures, all staff have access to daylight and views from their workstations, and the studios have programmable thermostats with the majority of workstations having direct access to fan coil unit controls.

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